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This is an International Terrastar Diesel Engine with an Allison Transmission, well maintained by the City of Concord, NH

We took it in on a trade. It needs some paint repair on the lower body, below the beltline.

The interior is in great condition. It features the Medic In Mind Layout.

The “Medic In Mind” concept has been designed by this author and continually improved for the main purpose of occupant safety of the attending Emergency Medical Technician.
The goal is to keep the attendant seated while performing patient care in a moving ambulance.

By providing 90% of the equipment needed for patient care in the area of the “Medic In Mind” Layout, we can perform 90% of patient care while remaining seated in the right side of the interior ambulance.

The forward cabinet is designed to store essential equipment and to provide a barrier, to prevent the attendant from sliding into the stepwell area of the side entrance door. With the Cardiac Monitor installed in a fixed bracket on the counter surface of the forward cabinet, the attendant can control the functions of Defibrillation, document Drug administration dosages & times, by pushing the buttons on the Monitor easily within the reach of the attendant. Once again, Keeping the attendant in the seat, increasing “Safety of the EMT”.
Blood pressure monitoring is accomplished automatically or manually, with controls within the reach of the attendant.

The (3) Drawer System at the head of the seat allows storage of equipment commonly used. Intravenous supplies, Stethoscope, diagnostic tools, Blood Draw kits, Blood Pressure Cuffs, etc, all the equipment to “Keep the attendant in the Seat” proving “Occupant Safety” !

With some forethought of locating the Oxygen and Airway supply’s in the cabinet above the “Medic In Mind” area, the attendant can also have these items within reach of the attendant. With the need to change protective gloves frequently, the Glove box storage is located directly above the attendant in the cabinet.

In the rearward area of the “Medic In Mind” layout, we provide a 1 ¼ ” Rail for mounting of an I V Pump, with a hangar directly above the pump, to manage the flow of Intravenous fluids, without getting out of the attendant seat. 

In the ceiling raceway, we recess an Oxygen Port at the head of the stretcher, with the supply hose routed through the ceiling, to a Constant Flowmeter  above the forward Medic In Mind Cabinet, allowing control of the Oxygen flow, while remaining seated, providing Occupant Safety for the attendant.

This product improvement is always beneficial to the attendant, by providing 90% of the tools to keep the attendant in the seat, 90% of the time !

This is provided from the Paramedic perspective…

 Under the clock, in the upper cabinet is a large remote Oxygen Tank Pressure Gauge. 

All of the upper cabinet have a  Lift Up Restocking Feature

The Warning lights are all LED including the grill & intersection. A Load Manager Sequencer is included.

The Exterior Oxygen compartment has an Oxygen "M" Tank Bracket  designed to change the cylinder in less than five minutes. 

The backboard compartment is on the right rear with a safety strap to hold the backboards in place..

There are three adjustable shelves for Cervical Collars, Head Blocks & Straps.

Under the bottom shelf, the compartment is deep enough (21 ½) for storage of a Ferno or Stryker Tread Type Stair chair !

The Exterior Compartments have 4" Halogen compartment lights.  

There is a "Hide-A-Way Switch" on the exterior, in case you lock yourself out ! Don't forget to ask where this is (After you purchase the vehicle)

The ducted Air Conditioning and total climate control are a signature item of P L Custom Emergency Vehicle! 

 The Electrical System includes a Load Manager Sequential Switching, engineered to minimize the load !

The vehicle is Pre-Wired for radios, 100 watt capability behind the drivers seat, 45 watt, Front & Rear Consoles. There are antenna leads in these locations routed to the Body Roof, above the Whelen Interior LED Dome lights.

The interior also has (4) Flourescent Lights and (2) LED Patient procedure lights, over the cot.

This vehicle is available for immediate sale !

If you would like to secure this vehicle for purchase NOW, we will send you a Purchase & Sale Agreement ! You can make a $2,000 Deposit and we will remove the advertisement and the vehicle will be yours.Send an email to Ron Morin; [email protected] or call 207-650-3090 !

 Ad Information
Category: Type I — $15001-$30000
Ad Number: 6826
Date Posted: 05/31/2019
Price: $19,000
Year: 2014
Make: PL Custom
Miles: 120,100
Module: Original same year as Chassis
Engine Type: Turbo-Diesel
Location: Maine
Cab Access: Window only
Box Length: 176
Transmission: Automatic
Color: White
Drive System: 2 Wheel Drive
 Vehicle Options
  • Power Steering
  • Power Brakes
  • Antilock Brakes
  • Power Load
  • Cruise Control
  • Power Windows
  • Power Locks
  • CPR Side Seat
  • Air Horns
  • Battery Charger
  • Air Conditioning
  • Inverter
  • Air Ride

  •  Seller Information
    Type of Seller: Dealer
    Company: Sugarloaf Ambulance / Rescue Vehicles
    Name: Ron Morin
    Street Address: 411 US RT 2 EAST, SUITE A
    City: Wilton
    State/Province: Maine
    Zip/Postal Code: 04294
    Country: United States
    Telephone Number: 2076503090
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    Expires On: 08/29/2019
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