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FOR SALE: New 2022 E450 and G4500 Gas Remounted Ambulances

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As of 10-2-22 we have (4) on the ground remaining new 2022 Ambulance Prep Type III Chassis that are unreserved for producing of a new remounted ambulances in the next months. We are booked out 4-5 months right now producing orders that are already in.

Taking orders now for these remaining chassis and production slots.

We also have (16) New on the ground Type I chassis - F550/F450, Chevy 5500/3500 all 4wd, and Ram 4500/5500.


View the lower portion of our Inventory page for  *Delivery Photos* of recently completed remounts to see our work, such as this one delivered on 9-14-22:  https://www.eliteambulancesales.com/listings/available-july-12th-new-2022-e450-gas-horton-remount-rm2212/

Our Current Available Chassis:

  1. (2) Ford E450 cutaway type III ambulance prep chassis, 160”to 170″ module 72” headroom.
  2. (2) Chevy G4500 cutaway type III ambulance prep chassis, 160”to 170″ module 72” headroom. These 2 are VIN assigned at the Chevy plant and have just started building, will be to us around end of November.

We do still have booked production with Ford for 2022 production of (11) more E450 chassis and (1) E350. Whether we will get many more of these is unknown. We will have more new G4500/E450 chassis this winter and beyond.

The pictures on this page are of units built and delivered this year.

All of our remounts are top quality: all New RC Tronics Electrical systems, all New Lights and Sirens, sanded down and Certified PPG paint process, New Floors and Upholstery, New HVAC, etc.

We have a selection of quality used modules and we get more as needed. Price reduction for customer supplied module.

Cot mount of your choice (additional). Customizations and options available, custom paint, decals, and other options.

Full chassis Warranty, and Warranty on the remounted box, new ambulance systems and paint. Triple-K, CAAS, and more.

View our New Ambulance Page for more info and specs.  https://www.eliteambulancesales.com/new-ambulance-sales/

Financing and delivery available.

Call for a custom quote.  (507) 403-4049

 Ad Information
Category: Type III — $30000-$250000
Ad Number: 8356
Date Posted: 05/29/2022
Price: Call for Quote
Year: 2022
Make: Horton, Lifeline, etc. New Remounts
Model: New E450s Available
Miles: 0
Module: Remounted
Engine Type: Gasoline
Location: North Carolina
Cab Access: Walk Through
Box Length: 168
Transmission: Automatic
Color: White
Drive System: 2 Wheel Drive
 Vehicle Options
  • Power Steering
  • Power Brakes
  • Air Bags
  • Antilock Brakes
  • Child Restraint
  • Cruise Control
  • Power Windows
  • Power Locks
  • CPR Side Seat
  • Battery Charger
  • Air Conditioning
  • Inverter

  •  Seller Information
    Type of Seller: Dealer
    Company: Elite Ambulance Sales
    Name: Nathan
    Street Address:
    City: Jefferson
    State/Province: North Carolina
    Zip/Postal Code: 55987
    Country: usa
    Telephone Number: (507) 403-4049
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    Expires On: 06/28/2022
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