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Steve - Ambulance Trader.

Thank you for the great Web site to list used Ambulances. I have great results when I list with you. I have sold many units in the past and will keep using your site. Keep up the great work.

Thank You
Lou Dimis / Chi-Town Motors

Steve, In a matter of less than three days, the ad I placed has had 892 pages views! Ambulance Trader has proven, ad after ad, to be an effective marketing tool for all types of used ambulances. Thank you.

Colleen M. O'Brien, ASA
Asset Management Resources Inc.

Thank you for your excellent service!! My unit was sold within 10 days and through this ad I also sold another unit from my inventory to the same Service that bought the advertised one. I also made more contacts for used units. Thanks again and will remember to use your web site in the future. I have used it before and just forgot about it. Thanks again, It really is helpful.

Jim Yurick, President

Good Morning,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to use your website to advertise our ambulance. We sold it within days of the publication.
Debbie Picard


Thank you for helping us sell our ambulance. We will use you in the future.

Barry Sanel
Commissioner, Kent Fire District #1

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know the we are all very pleased with the new ambulance. I believe it has met or exceeded everyone's expectations. No one could believe the condition it was in. Chris and I are very happy with the way it handled and drove on our way home. Thank you for allowing us to run the running boards and grill guard thru your account at Auto Trim and Design. They also did a wonderful job on the decals, it looks very nice and we are very thankful to Sherri for the extra effort she and her crew put into it so we could get it on Saturday.

Thanks again for all you have done for us Steve we all really appreciate it, this is a big help for the big picture of what we are going to do.

Thanks Steve,
Tom Byrne


Thanks for this great Service. I'll have a check to you asap. I purchased this ambulance through your site, and I hope to sell it the same way. I didn't feel right selling on there for free, so I upgraded to "Bronze". You deserve SOMETHING for this. Do you have any insight as to how privately owned units that have been taken out of service sell? I'm just wondering what I should expect.

Thanks again,
Ken Bernstein

Hi Steve,

I want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity your site afforded me to get the very first wheelchair van for my startup business. Due to limited means for my startup, I knew I had to get used wheelchair vans. Search engines always returned the same expensive dealers who filled the first couple of pages. After combing through and finding your site, I stuck to it and can easily find what I'm looking for. The condition of the vehicles listed are not your responsibility but to know that I can find such a market place like Ambulance Trader to meet my demands is gratifying.

Thanks Steve,

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